Monday, June 15, 2009

Your Story

Who am I in your story?
Am I the bad guy or a hero?
Am I your everything or just a zero?
One you reject, the other you marry.

We're always the protagonist in our own worlds.
But on other planets we are simply minor.
Some roles are huge and others much finer.
We're actors men and women, boys and girls.

The possibilities are endless, we play different parts
Some fun, some boring, some happy, some sad
Some long, some short, others good, others bad
We can offer healing hugs or throw fiery darts

I've been the bad guy despite my best efforts
Circumstances require this from all actors
We play these parts because of many factors
Sometimes the bad guy is my last resort

Some actors are type cast, yet others expand
It's who you want to be that matters
Because of no control, we might leave one in tatters
Our chaotic chaos creates a plan

Improve your lot in life
Strive for some new parts
New experiences will give you heart
This plea is for all brother, sister, husband, wife

Never aim for the bad guy role
Never shy away from it either
Life gives parts simultaneous, there are no breathers
You will achieve the goal

So who am I in your story?
In my own I'm the good guy.
Yet, I do things and others ask Why?
Heavy loads I thought I could carry.

Ask yourselves who you are in another's story.
Do you play you or do you play another?
It's okay, nobody is never some other.
Who are you in my story?

Are we the same in each other's story?
If so that, for sure, is a true rarity.

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