Thursday, August 13, 2009

Just Stay With Me

I've got to preface this with what inspired me to write it. A couple weeks ago I went to Lake Powell with a couple of my close friends and their family. One of the people I met there had her two kids with her, they were 5 and 6 years old.

We were having a fun time jumping off the back of the houseboat into the water. It was sooo funny watching the little 5 year old girl jump off the back, she would build up the courage, go to the edge, stand there for about thirty seconds, and finally take the plunge. Her little legs would start wiggling and then tremor right before she jumped. It may have been the cutest thing ever. Anyway, one time when she was either getting in the water or going on a jet ski ride, she looked back at her mom, and her mom was doing something like grabbing a towel or putting her sunglasses down or something like that. When the little girl looked back and saw her mom doing something else, she said "Momma you stay with me!!"

That phrase right there just triggered an entire story in my brain. I saw a little girl dependent on her mom, then I saw her growing and craving independence and desiring a distance from her mother, then I saw all the important events in her life and how her mom stayed with her the entire time. I even saw bad things that she would go through, and no matter what her mom stayed with her...even times when the girl didn't want her mom to stay. Finally I saw a point where her mom finally couldn't stay, and no matter what had happened in her life, that little girl so badly wanted her mom to stay with her.

So this goes out to all the moms, fathers, friends, and whoever that stay by our sides...even when it's hard....even when we don't want them to.

Here it is:

Hey baby boy we're goin to the store
"Mama you stay with me!"
I will son don't worry, you're not alone

Hello my little king, I'm gettin in the pool
"Mama you stay with me!"
Of course son, one day I won't be so cool

Oh young child time for you to go to school
"Mama you stay with me!"
I have to go son, but I'll stay just for a few

Little guy it's time to go practice T-ball
"Mama you stay with me!"
I won't be far son, if there's a problem just call

Young man let's go get your driver's permit
"Mama you stay with me!"
Son take this test alone, don't throw a fit.

Ryan your graduation starts in an hour
"Mama you'll be with me?"
Yes son, we'll be cheering from the crowd

Mom, I'm leaving for the university
"Son, just stay with me."
Can't Mom, gotta experience society

Mom guess what, I got a job in the city
"Son just stay with me."
Can't Mom, gotta go make a big salary

Mom, I have to visit the wife's family
"Son just stay with me"
Can't Mom, it's my turn in Monopoly

Hey baby boy, bad news -- Cancer, I'll be fine
"Mama just stay with me."
Sorry son, gotta go right now it's my time.


  1. You should have prefaced this by telling your mom to get a kleenex! Outstanding son!

  2. Sorry I didn't give you the warning, but I'm glad you figured out how to post comments!!!

  3. So, I took your advice and checked it out - I am thoroughly impressed! It's a beautiful poem.

    For some strange reason I got the impression you didn't like poetry - sorry about that.