Tuesday, July 28, 2009

Blind Dream

I was all alone and didn't know what I could become
Truth is I didn't know what to want, living without sun
My biggest dream had me achieving the smallest success
I lived beyond myself things accumulated in excess

Do I make sense? Does anybody understand me at last?
My mistakes scare me, not as much as pieces that pass.
That's fine, I'll get over it, it helps to identify the weak
With such easily breakable pieces I will never reach any peak

Of the multiple mountains that appear in my uncommon path
On my way up a beaten trail, I absently wandered off
Uphill climb, out of place, something new, a Mountain Swamp
Enticing refreshment meets punishing mud, clogs the wheels
Experiences robbed, but superior provided, a unique feel

Rustling the periphery, you rushed in with a full head of steam
Pushing, pulling, fighting, and crying, immediately on my team
Hidden strength, disguised with such beauty I've never seen
Coaxed lightly by hand, now I'm bigger than my biggest dream

The future is ablaze finally, after a long, long...arduous while
New purpose inspires a climber, inspires me, mile upon mile
Until I reach the summit of this hypothetical mountain
You will be my strength, and my life-altering fountain

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