Friday, July 3, 2009

Old Friend

Withered and old yet still standing strong.
Limbs are knobby and fail to function in their natural way.
The old wise one.
Nobody compares to your glory.

I look and I wonder,
I think and I ponder.
What have you witnessed?
What have you endured?
Greater things than I, that's for sure.

The lines in your face and skin testify of your experiences.
Without departure you have lived through more than most.
Created by your ancestors, you came to a new world.
A constant struggle for survival, you beat the odds.
Those challenges allowed you to survive.

You became strong because of the hardships you lived through.
You placed your roots securely in unpleasant soil.
You knew we have to go down deep before we grow up.
From the very bottom we find strength
to reach the pinnacle of our potential.

Your growth began and immediately you were different.
Others teach us how to live and find success.
You chose your own path and achieved in ways
nobody believed existed.
Oh, your detractors never stopped mocking.
But you never listened.
How could you? You were too busy chasing dreams.

More like fulfilling dreams, not only yours.
The dreams of countless others, fulfilled because of you.
You set your own goals.
You accomplished them on your own terms too.
Without waiting on the world, you identified your needs.
You grasped them without restraint.

Nothing was ever given to you, you earned every inch.
Because your different you are feared.
You have been called ugly, scary, and weird.
Anybody that is around you knows different.
Your energy inspires hearts and minds to believe.
Believe in anything, believe in everything.

Those around you understand your beauty.
At least part of it. Nobody can comprehend it all.
Not even you...

You've lost some of your spring, actually you lost it all.
You don't bloom in season anymore, like you used to.
Yet, even without renewed energy you stand.
Tall. Proud. Handsome.

In the short time you have left, do a little more.
For me, for everyone, we need you.
Keep standing my friend.
I know you can see the storm on the horizon.
You've already begun to feel it's effects.
However, even the worst storms bring water.
And water brings life.

You've survived worse.
You will survive this, you will continue to endure.
The winds of change have tried to tear you down.
You are resilient, you stand strong against temptation.

Stand watch over the forest of your peers.
Watch over my house.
Look into the window of my life.
Allow me to draw my inspiration of life,
from the life that is in you.

Stand as an example.
You've always lived on your own terms.
Refuse to go down by those of others.
You will only die when you refuse to fight.

It does not matter if you are winning or not.
Only that you continue fighting.
What good comes from falling down?
Nothing, our only chance at success is to try.
Live on my friend, and never doubt yourself.
Your terms have brought you happiness,
and they are your terms.

You are not afraid, you are not scared, you are not tired,
You are you, and that's everything I've ever wanted.

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